VIBGYOR Rise School in Mumbai (Malad - West)

After having successfully established itself as a renowned chain of schools, VIBGYOR proudly announces the launch of its new brand of schools- VIBGYOR Roots and Rise with its first school in Mumbai. Situated in the bustling suburbs of Mumbai at Malad- west, the location was zeroed in taking into consideration the educational needs of a rapidly-developing zone.

VIBGYOR Rise, as the name suggests, will aim at grooming the students to grow fast and rise up in the dynamically changing world. The focus will be not just on the academic but complete development of the students. We aim to provide affordable quality education in the best of atmosphere to mould them into intelligent, dynamic and socially conscientious individuals who will scale new heights and reach the pinnacles of success.

At VIBGYOR Roots and Rise, academic success is a thoroughly considered goal, sought to be achieved by the school’s focus on personal growth and development. Our teachers are committed to developing individuals who are confident and ready to take on the challenges of this competitive world.


VIBGYOR Rise, Malad-West will prepare its students for the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Board.

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