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VIBGYOR Rise School in Mangalore: Best CBSE Schools in Vijay Nagar

After successfully establishing schools in several cities in India, the VIBGYOR Group of Schools expanded to Mangalore, in the city of Kulur, with its VIBGYOR Roots and Rise School.

The educational philosophy at VIBGYOR Rise, the best school in Mangalore (Kulur) is based on holistic principles of learning, where the focus is on children’s growth: intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Students are provided with ample opportunities to explore, reflect, evaluate, and innovate to equip themselves with the knowledge, intellectual agility and life skills they need to succeed in a complex world.

The top school in Mangalore offers a wide range of experiences to the students to promote experimental learning which is an important component of the academic program. By the use of different sensory modalities that include visual, auditory and kinesthetic, students can learn in many different ways.

Along with studies VIBGYOR Rise in Mangalore focuses on sports and performing arts activities to ensure the overall development of the students.

VIBGYOR Rise located in Kulur, Mangalore prepares its students for the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Frequently Asked Questions about CBSE Board Schools in Kulur, Mangalore

1. Are the schools in Kulur, Mangalore open during COVID-19?

The schools in Kulur, Mangalore are not open during COVID-19. The virtual learning sessions by VIBGYOR Rise at Kulur, Mangalore, ensure that the holistic education of your child does not suffer during COVID.

2. Is a transport facility offered to students by VIBGYOR Rise schools around Kulur, Mangalore?

Well-serviced and clean buses with experienced drivers are available for students, who need transport facilities.

3. What are the amenities offered at VIBGYOR Rise CBSE Board, Kulur, Mangalore?

Here is a detailed list of amenities offered at VIBGYOR Rise, one of the best schools in Mangalore:

  • Large and well-ventilated classrooms
  • Activity-specific dedicated areas
  • Friendly ambience designed to bring out the best in our children
  • An environment free from noise and air pollution
  • Stylish infrastructure

4. What factors must be considered while selecting the best school in Kulur, Mangalore for children?

The following factors must be kept in mind while looking for a top CBSE school in Mangalore.

  • Standard assessments followed by CBSE board
  • Quality online learning offered by the school
  • Extra-curricular activities offered by the school
  • Reputation, speciality, alumni and teachers of the school
  • Subjects and languages offered by the school under the CBSE Board curriculum

5. Why CBSE Curriculum/Board is best in Kulur, Mangalore?

CBSE board is designed by CBSE Assessment International Education. This board provides the school with a choice of designing their curriculum from a range of subjects keeping in mind the country’s ethos, culture and traditions as well as maintaining the international standard of education. This board has created a very Rise standard of education. The knowledge imparted by the CBSE board is standardised all over the country. VIBGYOR Rise, the top school in Mangalore offers CBSE Board in Kulur, Mangalore along with excellent facilities to ensure the overall development of students.

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